Ignite Boulder 11 Speakers

Ceci Ervin @ceebal My Polish Catheter: A tireless search for a cure for MS
Zack Shapiro @zackshapiro Learning: Accelerating the Process By Pairing With People Who Are Smarter Than You
Josh Fraser @joshfraser Snakes and Staircases
Kristina Wang @ifoundkristina OMG Colorado! Tales and Lessons from Visiting All 64 Counties in 9 Days
Josh Mishell @joshmishell Be Your Own Guitar Hero
Jim Mackay @canuckinco Ageism Among Geeks
Cindy Moret O’Keeffe @CindyOKeeffe The Benefits of Grumpy Enthusiasm
Jenn Fields @jennfields Plan Adventures, Keep Your Day Job
Anna Sawyer @annafsawyer How to Marry the Rich
Crystal Preston-Watson @JadedSkipping 10 Selfish People Who Accidentally Changed The World for the Better (Save Yourself, Save the World)
Ryan Wanger @RyanWanger 10 Selfless People Who Accidentally Changed The World for the Worse
Spike Ilacqua @spikex Calvinball: Life with Less Rules
Jason Cole @wickedsmahtLaugh it up, fuzzball!” – Movie Quotes You Should Never Use at Work
Justin Crowe @oats23 Modulate Your Life: High Fives & ‘Livin’ On A Prayer

The band is The Still City
A few more on the way.

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