Ignite 18 Speakers Announced

Tickets are on sale! And the speakers for May 16th’s Ignite Boulder are…drumroll please…

  • Fake it in Five Minutes: Woo and Wow With Basic Partner Dancing (by Solveig Haugland)
  • Will drinking Mad Men-quantities of alcohol make you funnier? (by Peter McGraw)
  • The Future of Regulatory Compliance. Beyond Robocop? (by Dean Calhoun)
  • Silver, It Could Be as Hot as Pink (by Diana Hoguet)
  • RFID = Really F***ing IncreDible (by Carrie Requist)
  • Digital Craftsmanship – Make it real, fast (by Charles Overy)
  • Expect This to Suck (by Beth Rotach)
  • C-level shakeup: Why Journalistic minds will soon find themselves in the boardroom of today’s major companies (by Tim Shisler)
  • Air Travel: There is (Sometimes) a Method Behind the Madness (by Diana Pfeil)
  • The People’s Lobbyist (by Jason Gelender)
  • The Socialution of The At-Home Dad (by Elisa Guerrero)
  • Arranged Marriage Vs. “Love” Marriage (by Anand Sharma)
  • From 56 Hours to 56 Years, Lessons of Sticking Together (by Gillian Pierce)
  • Cholesterol is Good! (by Michael Gaeta)
  • Opera is a fish oil supplement (by Tierney Bamrick)
  • Confessions of a Hypnotist – Don’t Look Into My Eyes (by Wendi Friesen)

Friends don’t let friends wait until the last minute to buy Ignite Boulder tickets. Did we mention tickets are on sale?

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