Enlighten us, but make it quick. 


Ignite Boulder is different. 

No geek no speak. 


Ignite Boulder is a creative, geeky, heartfelt, and quick event

15 seconds a slide. 20 slides. A packed venue. What would you teach? 


We donate to amazing local non profits. 

Over the past 10 years we have donated over $70,000 to Boulder based 501c3 non profits. Do you know of an amazing nonprofit? Nominate them! 


Latest News

Ignite Boulder is a quarterly event that happens three times a year. The blog will help just a little bit on understanding us less. 

Ignite Boulder 39!

We are excited to announce our 39th event! Ignite Boulder, your favorite geeky public speaking event with a twist, will take place at the amazing Chautauqua Auditorium on September 19th. Tickets On Sale Now. Do you have a[…]

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Ignite Boulder 38!

Tickets are on sale now! We are back to the Boulder Theater and are expecting our 38th straight sellout. We will have talks teaching you geeky and heartfelt things *really,[…]

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Ignite Boulder 35

Ignite Boulder 34 + 35

Ignite Boulder 34 and 35 were sublime as usual. Both sell-outs, both enchanting. Check out photos from the events and experience the talks. Ignite Boulder 34 Ignite Boulder 34 Talks[…]

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Our Team

Our volunteer team is one big old family. We love Boulder and put in the hours to this event to give back. 

Becca Close

A multi Ignite speaking veteran Becca is one of our amazing speaker coaches.

Ef Rodriguez

In the Abrahamic religion they would sacrafice lambs. Ef does that, but for our intro deck. 

Ben Lovejoy

On our amazing speaker coaching team Ben is a master crafter of story. 

Mathew Sisson

One of the longest serving volunteers Mathew coaches speakers and helps you introduce yourself.

Andrew Hyde

Founder of Ignite Boulder. He will say hi to you at the door.

Jordan Winkler

Head speaker coach. Works on maps. Had surgery between the 4th and 5th chakra. 

Megan Milan

Runs everything tech at Ignite. The one person in our organization you cannot be mean to for any reason. 

Benjamin Chait

Technically Benjamin left Boulder years ago, but we will never leave you, Banjo.

Ryan Shea

We don’t know what to say about Ryan but that he is so talented it kinda makes us angry. 

Nick Grossman

Nick runs our marketing and social media accounts. His snapchat is :fire: 

Shawn Montano

All that lovely video we publish? Shawn is why. 

Richard Grote

Rich has run almost everything at Ignite. Sponsorships to coaching.