Ignite 15 Speakers Announced

Check out who is speaking at Ignite 15 (titles, outfits, and gender subject to change):

Charles Becker – Overcoming adversity in the face of disasters
John Georgis – What are you Building?
Angel Anderson – Why We Share
Robyn Krueger – Getting in Touch with Your Inner Sinner
Alexis Vorhaus – Why I Should Be Kicked Out of the Republic of Boulder
Mary Kuehner – 7 is Purple, B is Red: Synethesia for fun and profit
Alex Cruickshank – What Education Can Be: An Alternative to Crushing Innovation
Zack Shapiro – The Importance of Wasting Time
Kendall Ruth – Creatively Change the World While not Trying
Anna Sawyer – You Can’t Create a Conspiracy Theory or a Viral Video
Andrew Murray – My Vacation Was Better Than Your Vacation

So excited for Ignite 15! You too? Go buy tickets: http://bit.ly/ignite15tickets. This will be an ALL AGES show. (Sorry, panda seating not available at this time.)

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