What is Ignite Boulder?

Ignite Boulder is a volunteer run geek event that sells out the largest venues in town. Brave speakers have 5 minutes and 20 auto advancing slides to teach us about a passion or embarrassingly nerdy passion. One mic, a few slides and an overly honest discussion about our community, culture and world.

Speaking at Ignite Boulder

Will you accept the challenge and step up to enlighten and inspire us?

Our speaker guidelines, process for applying and selection, tips and tricks and answers to your questions.

Donating to Non Profits

We are a volunteer-run geek event that gives what we make back to local non profits! Want to nominate a non profit or are you looking for a list of local non profits to give to? Here are the local non profits we love and have given to!

Our History

Ignite Boulder started in 2008 by Andrew Hyde to let creators share what they are geeking out on. It has grown with over 36 sold-out events to be the largest Ignite in the world. Run by an all-volunteer team of misfits this event strives to inspire, celebrate and kick some awesome geeky data into your brain. Tickets sell out they day they go on sale generally, so keep yourself on top of our calendar if you want to dance on this card.

Go create amazing things.

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Below is a list of all our past events with videos from each Ignite Boulder event.

Ignite Boulder 1

The very first Ignite Boulder! View the talks here.