Ignite Boulder 13 Speaker Lineup!

The votes are in. Here are the speakers for Ignite Boulder 13 on December 8!

Aimee Giese – The Mechanics of Logo Design

Niles Emerick – “I Know, Right?” Language Evolution: What Shakespeare Would Tweet

Sterling White – Beauty in the Numbers: Fibonacci Was Just the Beginning

Tamara Kleinberg – Brainstorms Kill Creativity

Ryan Angilly – Why Getting Your Heart Smashed into a Million Pieces is Actually Totally Awesome

Leo Han – Things You Never Knew About the STDs You Always Had

Sherisse – Mental Orgasms

Taylor McLemore – Battle of the Sexes: How Genders Compete (as Told by a Newlywed Venturing into Dangerous Territory)

Dan Davis-Boxleitner – Fight Consumerism by Building It Your Damn Self

Jason Janelle – So You Want to be Fabulous

Andrew Moschetti – Something Fiery

Chris Rosen – Perspective and How It Relates to Distinctions

Sean Flynn – Smokey the Bear Presents: Wildfire, Forest Health and You

Tickets are on sale now!

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