Enlighten us quickly. Short 5 minute talks about geeky passions hosted in Boulder, Colorado every few months. Get involved.


Here is a sample of the presentations to look forward to at IgniteBoulder:

Micah Baldwin: My Quest to be #1
How to use social media and simple SEO techniques to improve overall personal branding and reputation management.

Jeremy Tanner: Practical Party Crashing
Outside looking in? No longer! After this 5 min boot camp, you’ll be drinking bourbon from the handle in a house you’ve never seen before!

Michael Tsengs: Perception of Possibility
The limitations in logic due to rationality and experience.

David Cohen : What the hell are angel investors thinking?
The inner workings of an angel investor.

Phil Earnhardt : Making Peace With the Geeks
What Foaming Soap Tells Us About Yoga

Jordan Quaglia: Lucid Dreaming
A Psychotechnology Humankind has used state-altering methods since the stone-age for practical purposes. From the eastern practices of meditation and yoga to western neuropharmacology, the applications of psychotechnologies are cross-paradigmatic. Lucid dreaming is one such psychotechnology with applications as narrow as overcoming nightmares, enhancing creativity, and fulfilling sexual fantasies to as broad as enlightenment.

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