Ignite Boulder 10 Wrap-up

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Ignite Boulder 10 Wrap-up

Ignite Boulder just turned 10. That’s over 120 presentations, and we’re not even a teenager yet (unless you ask Andrew)!

Ignite 10 was another wonderful night of enlightening presentations, even when they offered conflicting advice (be incredible vs be mediocre). Churchill, our esteemed local band of the evening was great – the highlight of the night for many. The crowd was awesome, with more friends of friends than ever before. That’s right – we’re not just for techie 20 something guys anymore. Want proof? A line for the ladies room!

Ignite 10 also saw the first appearance of speaker rewards – our version of “everyone gets a trophy day”. What better way to say “thanks for putting yourself out there in front of 875 people” than with a golden dog chasing a raccoon up into a tree?

We’d love to thank all the sponsors (Sticker Giant, name.com, Leeds School of Business, and Pivotal Labs), organizers, and volunteers…all of whom donate time (and money, in the case of the sponsors) to make everything go off without a hitch. Most of all, we’d love to thank everyone who has ever attended an Ignite Boulder. Without you, the show could not go on.

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Mash together all the creativity, energy, and enthusiasm the Boulder community has to offer, and what do you get? Ignite Boulder. See you at the Chautauqua Auditorium on June 24th! (tix on sale now)

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