Ignite Boulder 14 Speaker Lineup!

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Ignite Boulder 14 Speaker Lineup!

You are not ready for these jellies. Here are the speakers for Ignite Boulder 14:

Brian Inderwies – You’re Being Watched! Living in this Data-Intense World

Jonathan “Woody” Woodard – The Lowest Form of Humor (Hint: It’s Not Blood, Bile or Phlegm)

Sarah Welch – How to Make Work Not Suck

Trevor Stone – Money and Other Useful Myths

Chase Hoffman – Legal Graffiti: The Art of Light Painting

Michael Sitarzewski – Me, You, Not Tom Vu: 10 Simple Steps to Financial Freedom

Jana Trantow – This is Why We Foster Kids are the Cool Kids

M’ris Berlin – People for a Panda-Neutral Society

Phil Powers – Aging and Cars

Spike Ilacqua – Stop Waiting for Google Fiber, Boulder

Kipp Chambers – Naked Freefall, Flying Toilets & Other Lessons Learned the Hard Way

Bart Miller – Flight of the G Chords: Steps to Becoming an Accidental Musician

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