Ignite Boulder 5- A Recap of Sorts

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Ignite Boulder 5- A Recap of Sorts

While many things were said about Ignite Boulder 5 in the immediate hours and days following the event, we wanted to take some time to recap what was written, both by the Ignite Boulder 5 planning committee as well as the presenters & general public. We also wanted to reach out to you and ask you to help us make Ignite Boulder 6 even better. Us? Over-acheivers? Yeah, maybe just a little.

Ignite Boulder 5 went in a different direction than the previous Ignites.

Shortly after Ignite Boulder 4 Larkin Carey, shared his observations on that event along with suggestions for bettering future Ignites. Larkin crafted an introspective & articulate post that served as a catalyst for tweaking the Ignite Boulder concept.

Andrew posted his own thoughts as well as highlighting Larkin’s post in the process. Ignite Boulder 4 presenters and attendees commented on both blogs, and before you could say Brightkite Wall, there was a Planning Committee in place with a goal to take Ignite Boulder 5 to a bigger and better place.

We (the planning committee) feel we accomplished that goal. But tell us what you think, in case you haven’t already. Please leave links of other posts/links related to Boulder Ignite 5 that you’d like to share.

Impressions on Ignite Boulder so far…

Ef Rodriquez aka @Pugofwar on Twitter

Terry Cabeen

Stepan Mazurov

Anything else? We’re all ears!

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