Ignite Boulder 5 Speakers

Enlighten us quickly. Short 5 minute talks about geeky passions hosted in Boulder, Colorado every few months. Get involved.

Ignite Boulder 5 Speakers

Joel Gratz– You don’t need a life coach! All the answers were in the 4th grade…

Larkin Carey– Surviving Free Fall from 30,000 ft without a Parachute: A DIY for the unfortunate airline passenger

Gregg Tobo– How a magician (and his magic trick) helped to advance the Industrial Revolution

Rick Bakas– Bacon and Timetravel

Erika Napoletano– How Victoria’s Secret is Single-Handedly Causing the Current Recession

Michael Tseng– Interaction Design (is not your father)

James Baber– US Culture – Through the lens of Top Grossing Movies & the DSM IV

Dr. Richard Han– Universities and communities that spark successful New Tech businesses

Corey Donohoe– Everything I know about being an awesome open source hacker was learned from indie rap artists

Bruce Wyman– Marine Mammal Biology

Elaine Ellis and Tara Anderson– Colorado: The Napa Valley of Beer

Garret Smith and John English– World War Corn

Terry Cabeen– Find Your Community. Or Build It.

Julie Penner– Djibouti is just the beginning

David Walton– How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Accept that a Googolplex is a Really Big Number

Plus, we will be giving away Adobe Creative Suite 4 AND an iPhone 16 GB GS!

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