Ignite Boulder this Thursday!

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Ignite Boulder this Thursday!

Ignite Boulder is about a lot of things, but one of the most important ones (and not so obvious) is giving. Gathering huge numbers of people together is really powerful, and one of our goals as organizers is to use that to help our community. Ignite Boulder 7 comes right in the middle of Western Culture’s Holiday Season, which in itself is about giving and community.

With so many wonderful and caring people attending Ignite Boulder the giving potential is HUGE! A food drive, helping those around us who struggle this time of year to get a yummy meal has the potential to do so much. The interesting thing, is that even something like giving can reach a saturation level around the holiday season. We contacted many food banks, one of the first being Conscious Alliance, an amazing local group working with the Sovereign Nations of Native Americans.

However, after hitting many roadblocks and having difficulty actually speaking with someone, we finally realized that the foodbank organizations are literally running over capacity this time of the year! We did have a great conversation with Food Bank of the Rockies, and learned that even more than food donations cash donations will help the community. They have a huge buying power as a large non profit organization, and can use money to buy the food that is needed the most for cheaper than individuals can get it.

We will be taking cash donations throughout the event, as well as making a donation from the Ignite Boulder event itself. Thank you all for the giving you already do, it is much appreciated by the community, but also, I encourage you to bring a little extra to this event and pass it on to Food Bank of the Rockies (grocery store gift card word too!)

Also, Ignite Boulder tickets are still available, lots of them! So take a moment to remind someone to come, and to get their ticket now (or to invite someone new!). This event is about community, and the fantastic attendees make it the powerful, inspiring, fun event that it is, so come!

We have some amazing presentations, a great band, and some really cool surprises for the evening!

Larkin and the Ignite Boulder Organizers

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