About the Band: John Common & BFoL

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About the Band: John Common & BFoL

Want to know a little about who is playing intermission at Ignite Boulder 12? It’s John Common and Blinding Flashes of Light.

I could woo you with a list of recent awards they have won, or quotes from reviews like: “By the fifth song, I wanted to join the band.” But for some reason, the most memorable aspect of their story is this: John started playing the guitar when one washed ashore (inside a trunk) on the beaches of his small fishing village in Portugal.

The most important part though, is how they sound. Check this out:

To be honest, I usually don’t listen to the band before the show – but I’m glad I did! They also happen to be opening for Toad & The Wet Sprocket at Chautauqua this Saturday. Want more videos and songs? Check out their website: John Common & Blinding Flashes of Light.

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