Sold Out!

Enlighten us quickly. Short 5 minute talks about geeky passions hosted in Boulder, Colorado every few months. Get involved.

Sold Out!

Ignite Boulder 8 is sold out!  We are going to have another packed crowd at the Boulder Theater!  So excited!

A quick ‘but I don’t have a ticket’ FAQ

Can I get a ticket?

No, tickets are sold out.

Can I just come anyway?


But I know ________ and they will let me in.

No. Really, we will take pictures and mock you online.

When is the next one?

Just a few short months.

As organizers we love selling out (yay, energy and we didn’t eat our deposit) but hate that we exclude people.

Doors are at 6pm, speakers start at 7pm, we should be done at about 8:45.

Igneight is going to rock.

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