Speaking Order for Ignite 8

Enlighten us quickly. Short 5 minute talks about geeky passions hosted in Boulder, Colorado every few months. Get involved.

Speaking Order for Ignite 8

Ryan Wanger Topic: (Almost) Nothing is Irreversible: A Guide to Decision Making
Kate Brown MacGyver your way through dangerous situations: Lifesaving hacks from the sport of triathlon
David Mejias A baby, a bird and an Afro: How to plan for and make conceptual photographs.
Ali Schultz Game (ig)Night: The shortest distance between two people is a good laugh.
Tara Anderson Pain & the Art of Long-Distance Backpacking
Cris Silva Brazilian Portuguese for Foreigners

Intermission featuring The Low Flying Knobs

Josh Mishell Minimize Your Hangover & Maximize Your Awesomeness: How to Thrive at a Beer Festival
Lisa Seaman Clap Happy!
Leela Turnage How Drug Smuggling and A Run-In With the Mexican Army Helped Me Ace Spanish Clas
Matthew Lenda There IS such a thing as bad music, and it will be the end of us all.
Nick Armstrong Nerd-gasm AKA The Life Lessons of Geek Heroes
Julie Wallace Working with SCIs
Gina Bugiada Drugs, Sex, Love and Environmentalism: 20 things I’ve Learned During My Move From NEW YORK to Boulder

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