Ignite Boulder 13 Tickets ON SALE NOW

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Ignite Boulder 13 Tickets ON SALE NOW

You work hard. Day after day, you push yourself to the limit or whatever. Don’t you deserve to treat yourself? Of course you do.

Reward your hours of toil by buying tickets to Ignite Boulder 13! They is on sale!!!

But before you click, we’ve got some great news to mention! Ignite Boulder 13 will be our first Ignite Boulder Winter Ball. It’s time to dust off your top hats, gents. It’s time to, um, do whatever ladies do to their dresses that makes them smell like a meadow in spring, when I had fewer cares and worries – long before the world crushed my spirit.


We’re encouraging everyone to dress up for Ignite Boulder 13. It’s not mandatory, obviously, but there may be certain incentives for embracing the “winter ball” theme. I, for one, will be looking very snazzy.

So buy your tickets! Figure out what you’re going to wear! And join us for a night of delight on December 8!

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