Watch: Ignite Boulder 10

Enlighten us quickly. Short 5 minute talks about geeky passions hosted in Boulder, Colorado every few months. Get involved.

Watch: Ignite Boulder 10

I’m so excited for Ignite 11 (tix here), that I wanted to relive Ignite 10. Watch the youtube playlist of each Ignite 10 Boulder presentation back-to-back-to-back. Otherwise, all the videos are below with quick summaries to help you browse.

Necessary Ingredients for Maximum Villainy – Ef Rodriguez
Let the Kids Blow Stuff Up – Sarah Gjestvang
How to Advance Mankind by Voting the Dummies Off the Island – Dan Viens
The Art of Negotiation – Julie Penner
Nine Mistakes I’ve Made, And Why I Love Them – Eric Marcoullier
Body Awareness for People Who Really Love Technology – Kia
Everything from Figure Skating you can’t Learn from Cutting Edge I, II, III, or IV – Sarah Palaich
Why Roller Derby Should be an Olympic Sport – Andrea Hill
Avatar, Botox, & Winter Park – Tim Niklas
The Madre and her iPhone – Claire Hunsaker
Embracing Mediocrity – Danny Suter
The Audacity of Aquanet – Shannon
The Story of Career Change – Chris Geer
How to Transition to Small-ish Town Living – Suzan Bond
Create – Terry Cabeen

Speaker: Ef Rodriguez (@pugofwar)

Ef opens the night musically with a simple recipe for unleashing your inner villain. Step 1? Get an animal – and stroke it.

Speaker: Sarah Gjestvang (@mad_alchemist)

Why do modern chemistry sets suck? Because our children can’t learn or develop a healthy interest in science and engineering without blowing stuff up.

Speaker: Dan Viens (@dviens)

Dan is the most important person in the world – and so are you. Hop on a bike, punch a Hummer driver in the face, and change this planet for the better.

Speaker: Julie Penner (@pennerj)

Speeding ticket? Boot on your car? Salary negotiations? Julie gives us some simple, inspiring tactics to use in our next negotiation.

Speaker: Eric Marcoullier (@bpm140)

Why selling bootleg tapes, bleaching your hair, and having kids are some of the best mistakes you can make.

Speaker: Kia (@yosoykia)

Can you sit at a desk all day and still have good posture? You can if you follow take Kia’s advice by doing chair asanas and the Cornholio while at work.

Speaker: Sarah Palaich (@insidetwizzle)

Don’t know the basics of figure skating? Prepare to find out.

Speaker: Andrea Hill (@afhill)

Roller Derby has blossomed into a real sport. Who knew? Extra credit: Andrea plays for the Denver Roller Dolls under the name Kendra Blood.

Speaker: Tim Niklas (@timmynick)

Find out how The Childrens Hospital is using crazy stuff like botox and motion capture technology to make a difference for children with cerebral palsy.

Speaker: Claire Hunsaker (@chunsaker)

When your mom finally gets an iPhone, you’ll have to figure out which is worse: worrying that she’ll be snapping photos while driving, or that you’re the one who will have to provide tech support. Find out what happens when user interaction crosses the chasm.

Speaker: Danny Suter

Don’t stress about saving the world. There is happiness and satisfaction to be found in mediocrity.

Speaker: Shannon (@mrlady

Life, marriage, and kids – as told by popular rock songs. Extra Credit – Shannon’s blog: Whiskey in my Sippy Cup

Speaker: Chris Geer (@cwgeerski)

A good summary of his career track would be – “Life is what happens when you’re making other plans”. Can you relate?

Speaker: Suzan Bond (@suzanbond)

Moving to Boulder from a big city might not be as straight-forward as you’d think (especially when you’re moving for your dog)…

Speaker: Terry Cabeen (@tcabeen)

Want to be creative? Start by putting yourself out there – and don’t be afraid to suck at first.

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