Watch: Ignite Boulder 11

Enlighten us quickly. Short 5 minute talks about geeky passions hosted in Boulder, Colorado every few months. Get involved.

Watch: Ignite Boulder 11

Tickets for Ignite 12 are on sale now, but who can bear to wait a whole month? Relive June 24th at the Chautauqua Auditorium. Ignite 11 – the largest Ignite the world has ever seen (no joke).

Ladies, You Deserve Better – Ef Rodriguez
How to Marry the Rich – Anna Sawyer
10 Selfish People Who Accidentally Changed the World for the Better – Crystal Preston-Watson & Korene Gallegos
10 Selfless People Who Accidentally Changed the World for Worse – Ryan Wanger
Laugh it up Fuzzball – Jason Cole
My Polish Catheter: A Tireless Search for a Cure for MS – Ceci Ervin
Ageism Among Geeks – Jim Mackay
Snakes and Staircases – Josh Fraser
Never Have I Ever – Larkin Carey
Colorado! Tales and Lessons from Visiting All 64 Counties in 9 Days – Kristina Wang & Ryan Schilt
The Benefits of Grumpy Enthusiasm – Cindy Moret O’Keeffe
Be Your Own Guitar Hero – Josh Mishell
Accelerated Learning and Why You Should Find and Take Advantage of Smart People – Zack Shapiro
Calvinball – Spike Ilacqua
High Fives & Livin’ on a Prayer – Justin R. Crowe

Speaker: Ef Rodriguez (@pugofwar)

Ef takes us through the three phases of his failed love life. Nothing gets the audience going like Ef’s charm, wit, and song.

Speaker: Anna Sawyer (@annafsawyer)

Ever wonder why you see women jogging suggestively? They probably read the same book Anna did. Spoiler: have you ever seen anyone convert their paycheck to cash then photograph themselves in a bathtub full of one dollar bills? You will…

Speaker: Crystal Preston-Watson (@jadedskipping) & Korene Gallegos (@kygalle)

Crystal & Korene take a unique perspective by walking us through history’s most famous accidental do-gooders. Number one might surprise you…

Speaker: Ryan Wanger (@ryanwanger)

Whether the result is an open relationship or a floating mass of plastic twice the size of the United States, putting others needs ahead of your own is a slippery slope.

Speaker: Jason Cole (@WickedSmaht)

When is quoting movies acceptable in the workplace? Never. Don’t believe it? Just ask Jason.

Speaker: Ceci Ervin (@ceebal)

Ceci gives her personal success story of the Liberation Treatment in her fight against Multiple Sclerosis.

Speaker: Jim Mackay (@canuckinco)

The tech world isn’t just for youngsters. Learn the benefits of respecting your elders – they’ve probably written an entire RPG in less characters than your last tweet.

Speaker: Josh Fraser (@joshfraser)

What are you more afraid of: sharks or deer? Josh tells us why we’re scared of the wrong things.

Speaker: Larkin Carey (@larkinbc)

Whether it be riding a unicycle, running a marathon, or tweeting naked, the audience of Ignite done some crazy stuff. Larkin kicks off the second half with the first ever audience participation based spark. The results are inspiring, surprising, and embarrassing.

Speaker: Kristina Wang (@ifoundkristina) & Ryan Schilt

Kristina, Ryan, and two friends took a picture in front of every county seat in Colorado. How did they do all 64 in just 9 days? And more importantly, what bizarre and interesting stuff exists in our state that you might not know about? Find out.

Speaker: Cindy Moret O’Keeffe (@cindyokeeffe)

Going from 0 to 60 in the world of social media can be a daunting task. Cindy’s advice: by grumpy, enthusiastic, and use the word awesome. A lot.

Speaker: Josh Mishell (@joshmishell)

Josh has bad news for you: Guitar Hero sucks. Real heroes learn to play real instruments.

Speaker: Zack Shapiro (@ZackShapiro)

Whether it’s ping pong on the world of entrepreneurship, don’t pay for an advanced degree. Learn from people who are smarter than you.

Speaker: Spike Ilacqua (@spikex)

Have you ever had pie for breakfast? Or peanut butter in yogurt? Why not? Go break some rules.

Speaker: Justin R. Crowe (@oats23)

The handshake is so outdated. Sometimes you just need a little key change to jumpstart your day. Justin ends the evening on a high note – literally.

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