Watch: Ignite Boulder 12

Enlighten us quickly. Short 5 minute talks about geeky passions hosted in Boulder, Colorado every few months. Get involved.

Watch: Ignite Boulder 12

Another Ignite is in the books. Want to relive Ignite Boulder 12? If you attended, please spend 2 minutes filling out this form so we can continue to make Ignite even better:

Also, here are some great photos from @bradcrooks:

1. Beauty is in the Four Eyes of the Beholder – Ef Rodriguez
2. Take a Chill Pill: Dealing with Anxiety Disorders and other Mental Illnesses – Sam Stauffer
3. Life Lessons of a Children’s Librarian – Mary Kuehner
4. Lunch Lady Land – Food Activists on the Front Lines of the Childhood Obesity Battle – Kate Brown
5. Inconceivable or That Word Doesn’t Mean What You Think it Means – Kendall Ruth
6. A Post Apocalyptic Experience without an Apocalypse: Working as a Waitress – Emma Nicoletti
7. Love is a Shark – Casey Sidwell
8. Stripping down on Kaua’i – Amy C Christensen
9. The Rationality of Fear – Stephanie Lee Su-Ling
10. How to Build a Trail – Andrew Hyde
11. Fairy Tales as Education, or Why It’s OK to Read Harry Potter after High School – Danya Michael
12. Baking at High Altitude: It’s All About Atmospheric Pressure – Rise Keller
13. Hire a Meteorologist, not a Stock Broker – Joel Gratz
14. On Travel: A Less than Legal Guide to Getting There – Jeremy Tanner
15. The Independence Day Theory: Why Aliens may be Humanity’s Only Hope for Survival – Jesse Weaver

Speaker: Ef Rodriguez (@pugofwar)

Think glasses aren’t sexy? Think again.

Speaker: Sam Stauffer (@redhead_wilma)

Sam tells us what it is like living with anxiety, and why we should be a littler more understanding.

Speaker: Mary Kuehner (@daisycakes)

Some wisdom comes from children’s literature, while others comes from the children themselves.

Speaker: Kate Brown (@invinciblekate)

Most people don’t realize it, but the food served in public schools barely qualifies as nutritional.

Speaker: Kendall Ruth (@iamkendal)

I *love* tacos? Find out which words we misuse the most, and how to use them correctly.

Speaker: Emma Nicoletti (@dollemma)

Find out why waitresses will be the most prepared when the apocalypse comes. (Bonus: All the slides were hand drawn my Emma herself!)

Speaker: Casey Sidwell

Casey, the bassist for our intermission act: John Common and the Blinding Flashes of Light, takes us step by step through the lyrics of Love is a Shark.

Speaker: Amy C Christensen (@expandoutdoors)

Amy picked up and moved to Hawaii for 6 months and came back a different person.

Speaker: Stephanie Lee Su-Ling (@nuancechaser)

Stephanie is in the middle of a 180 day challenge to do one thing each day that scares her.

Speaker: Andrew Hyde (@andrewhyde)

On the eve of his 1 year stint of world travel, and in his first ever Ignite Boulder presentation, Andrew tells us how are trails built, and how can we take those lessons and apply it to our community.

Speaker: Danya Michael (@roseinbloom)

Is it acceptable for adults to read Harry Potter? Hell yes. Find out why.

Speaker: Rise Keller (@vanillagrrl)

Rise helps us solve one of the great challenges of living where we do: how much yeast and moisture do we need in our cakes and breads?

Speaker: Joel Gratz (@gratzo)

Joel just returned from a summer helping a father and son team reach the highest point in all 50 states to set a new world record. So why do meteorologists get a bad rap?

Speaker: Jeremy Tanner (@penguin)

Some practical travel tips for those of us who are likely to get into trouble on the road.

Speaker: Jesse Weaver (@jweav1)

Jesse makes a surprisingly clever and plausible case for how an alien invasion will help humanity from destroying itself.

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