What You Need to Know about Thursday

Enlighten us quickly. Short 5 minute talks about geeky passions hosted in Boulder, Colorado every few months. Get involved.

What You Need to Know about Thursday

Here is a quick FAQ:

Can I watch it live online?

Yes!  Starting at 6:30 MST.  https://igniteboulder.com/live/ (please share!)

Are tickets on sale?

Yes!  There are only about 80 left (as of June 22 at 3:30pm) No, sold out! as of 10pm on June 22.

How do I get to Chautauqua?

The HOP is free!  There is very limited parking, so please plan on using this!  Details: https://igniteboulder.com/hop-2-chautauqua/

What time is everything?

5pm- BBQ opens. General networking, hiking and beer.  If you want dinner bring some cash. As usual our fantastic sponsors our picking up the tab for the first few kegs (no joke)

6pm- Doors open. Seating is GA, so if you want a good one, get there asap

7pm- Ignite starts! An intro and 7 sparks

8pm- A very short break then 7 more sparks

9pm- Ignite is done! Busses take everyone back

Have another question?  Post it in the comments and we will answer it faster than you can say Ef.

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