A Thank You To Volunteers and Speakers

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A Thank You To Volunteers and Speakers

Less than 24 hours from now Ignite Boulder 6 at the Boulder Theater will be over.  If you haven’t gotten your ticket yet, get on it!

I wanted to take a brief moment to thank volunteers for making Ignite, well, Ignite.

Aaron Sagray helps with the badges, speakers and the odds and ends,
Ef Rodriguez helps with the PR and does the ‘sacrificial deck’,
Elaine Ellis runs the registration effort, a huge task,
Joel Gratz helps with the speaker selection and odds and ends,
Kath Brandon is the volunteer coordinator,
Larkin Carey works on the vision and is the change he wants to see,
Mike Kohn is the web guy, speaker selection helper and representative from the non tech crowd,
Rande Kamolz is the music man and speaker selector,
Benjamin Chait is the deckmaster (who runs the slides).

Thank you to the speakers for going outside of their comfort zone and doing a talk!

Also wanted to thank the many, many day of volunteers!

Couldn’t have a better group to work with, thank you all!


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