Ignite 18 Speakers Announced

Enlighten us quickly. Short 5 minute talks about geeky passions hosted in Boulder, Colorado every few months. Get involved.

Ignite 18 Speakers Announced

Tickets are on sale! And the speakers for May 16th’s Ignite Boulder are…drumroll please…

  • Fake it in Five Minutes: Woo and Wow With Basic Partner Dancing (by Solveig Haugland)
  • Will drinking Mad Men-quantities of alcohol make you funnier? (by Peter McGraw)
  • The Future of Regulatory Compliance. Beyond Robocop? (by Dean Calhoun)
  • Silver, It Could Be as Hot as Pink (by Diana Hoguet)
  • RFID = Really F***ing IncreDible (by Carrie Requist)
  • Digital Craftsmanship – Make it real, fast (by Charles Overy)
  • Expect This to Suck (by Beth Rotach)
  • C-level shakeup: Why Journalistic minds will soon find themselves in the boardroom of today’s major companies (by Tim Shisler)
  • Air Travel: There is (Sometimes) a Method Behind the Madness (by Diana Pfeil)
  • The People’s Lobbyist (by Jason Gelender)
  • The Socialution of The At-Home Dad (by Elisa Guerrero)
  • Arranged Marriage Vs. “Love” Marriage (by Anand Sharma)
  • From 56 Hours to 56 Years, Lessons of Sticking Together (by Gillian Pierce)
  • Cholesterol is Good! (by Michael Gaeta)
  • Opera is a fish oil supplement (by Tierney Bamrick)
  • Confessions of a Hypnotist – Don’t Look Into My Eyes (by Wendi Friesen)

Friends don’t let friends wait until the last minute to buy Ignite Boulder tickets. Did we mention tickets are on sale?

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