Want to Speak at Ignite Boulder 18?

Enlighten us quickly. Short 5 minute talks about geeky passions hosted in Boulder, Colorado every few months. Get involved.

Want to Speak at Ignite Boulder 18?

Ignite Boulder is nothing without its speakers — and we’d love for you to be one of them. Here’s your chance.

Go here to submit your topic idea. We’re doing things a little differently this time. We want you to fully explain your subject – approximately 300 words’ worth of detail. So if your topic is pretty flimsy (and you were hoping to get by on charm alone), you should probably leave that at home.

Here are some speaking tips, and here are the rules. Please read both. They’re not long, and they’re totally delicious.

We’ll stop taking submissions on April 9 at noon. You’ve got time, but if you miss the deadline – better luck next time. The Ignite Boulder team will then review the submissions and select 15 speakers that will be announced on April 16.

Good luck! (Shoot any questions to Ef. His email is pugofwar at gmail.)

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